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3 Great Derby Day Party Tips From the '21' Club

3 Great Derby Day Party Tips From the '21' Club

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Get ready to go to the races — we’re giving you the scoop on how to host a stellar Kentucky Derby party thanks to Manhattan’s timeless restaurant, '21' Club. The restaurant plays hosts to guests in hats of grandeur for their annual Derby bash, and this year is no different.

Complete with classic Kentucky-style recipes and their signature 21 Triple Crown Cocktail, it’s going to be a blast. However, if you don’t call New York City home, we’ve rounded up a few tips from the restaurant on how to host an authentic Derby Day bash on your own. Take a peek at the recipes below and tips that gurantee a sure-fire hit!

  • 21 Triple Crown Cocktail
  • Fried Oysters Recipe
  • Burgoo Recipe

The Daily Meal: What are must-serve foods at a Derby party?

'21' Club: The most important aspect of Derby party food is that it should be Kentucky-inspired.

They have a rich cuisine and some classic dishes that we've put together in bite-size portions to make it perfect for passing at a party, as well as easy to eat. For instance, we are serving the popular spicy Kentucky stew called burgoo in spoons.

The cornmeal fried oysters with remoulade are a one-bite snack, and then perhaps the most classic of all Kentucky dishes is the hot brown, which we have turned into mini hot browns. Of course, no party is complete without dessert, so we have made mini pecan pies topped with whipped cream.

TDM: What Is Perfect “Festivities” During the Party?

'21' Club: Everyone attending a Derby party should be dressed to impress, most notably in fabulously large hats. In order to ensure people dress up, it's fun to have a prize for the person in the most festive Derby attire.

It's always festive to have a pool going for the winning horse (extra winnings if you have people pick which horses might win the Triple Crown), and if you are a dedicated horse crowd, you could create a trivia game based on the horses that are running in the Derby.

TDM: The mint julep is already popular, so tell us about your signature cocktail the Triple Crown.

'21' Club: Our Triple Crown cocktail is a delicious boozy fruit punch, as we like to call it. What's interesting about this drink is that it's not a random mix of alcohols. Our bartenders worked very hard to pull traditional drinks from all three horse races (Derby, Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes) in order to create a collaborative horse racing cocktail. The Woodford Reserve bourbon represents the Kentucky Derby (from the mint julep), the Mount Gay rum and orange juice come from the original Black-Eyed Susan, the official drink of the Preakness, and a majority of the ingredients represent The Belmont Breeze from the Belmont Stakes, including the Bristol cream sherry, the juices, and 7UP soda.

South Side

Ask your nearest bartender or cocktail historian to describe the South Side, and you’ll likely receive a variety of responses. Some say it’s a Gimlet with mint that’s served up in a cocktail glass. Others describe it as a gin-based Mint Julep served over ice. It’s possible that the drink was named for the South Side neighborhood in Chicago, or maybe it was invented at Southside Sportsmen’s Club on Long Island. Whichever the case, the South Side and its refreshing combination of gin, citrus, sugar and mint is a classic cocktail worth knowing—and drinking.

The recipe can be traced back to at least 1916, when it appeared in Huge Enslinn’s book “Recipes for Mixed Drinks” as the South Side Fizz. His version called for gin, lemon and lime juices, sugar, mint and club soda. Lose the bubbles and cull one of the citrus fruits, and you get the South Side as we know it today.

Multiple accounts peg the South Side’s creation to the 21 Club in New York, a bar that poured countless South Sides throughout the decades. But considering that the first iteration of the famous speakeasy didn’t open until 1922, it’s more likely that the bar popularized the drink rather than invented it.

Browse South Side recipes at cocktail bars today, and you will find some drinks made with lemon and others with lime. This citrusy kerfuffle may stem from Enslinn’s recipe containing both juices. It tastes great with lemon or lime, but the 21 Club served theirs with lemon, and so does this recipe.

When making the cocktail, treat the mint gently. Too vigorous a thrashing will highlight the herb’s bitter notes rather than its sweet and aromatic qualities. Double-straining the contents (straining the drink through a fine-mesh sieve) will ensure that none of the torn mint bits enter your glass and inevitably get stuck in your teeth.

What Were Party Foods in the Roaring 20s?

This decade was one of many extremes. You had Prohibition, which won by the popular vote and led to alcohol consumption going underground in speakeasies. There were lots of fancy restaurants emerging like The 21 Club and Delmonico’s all of this while people were cooking up a storm in tenements. New cuisines like Chinese and Italian food were gaining popularity as well. It was an exciting culinary time!

But how does that shape a 1920s New Years’ Eve Menu?

  • Publisher : UC Davis Integrative Medicine 1st edition (October 1, 2018)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 116 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 173275120X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1732751200
  • Item Weight : 14.4 ounces
  • Dimensions : 8 x 0.28 x 10 inches

Top reviews from the United States

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This review is for volume 1 of the 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge Cookbooks. I was very excited to get this cookbook, as I have followed UC Davis Integrative Medicine online for a few years and participated in the second 21-Day Plant-Based Challenge. However, after using the cookbook for a few weeks now, I am somewhat disappointed in the product.

So far, I have found most of the Breakfast and Lunch recipes to be very good and the Dinner recipes good, but not great. It is well organized with sections for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner, and I like that it gives weekly menus and has a resource section with tips on advance preparation and batch cooking by the week.

I have two frustrations with this cookbook, though. First, the pictures of the recipes don't necessarily match the ingredients. For instance, the Mango Cauliflower Stir Fry shows the dish with rice, but the recipe calls for the use of lentils, and there is no mention of rice at all. Likewise, the Vegetable Coconut Curry pictures it with what looks like zucchini, yellow squash and either red peppers or tomatoes, yet the recipe calls for potatoes, yams and green peas and none of the ones pictured. The other problem I have is with the organization of the recipe ingredients. There is a list of ingredients, but they are not listed in the order in which you will be using them, but instead the instructions jump all over the place. For instance, in the Mango Cauliflower Stir Fry, spinach is the first ingredient listed. The spinach, however, is not used until the end of the recipe. Onions are the 6th listed ingredient, but the 2nd ingredient to be used. Likewise, in the Vegetable Coconut Curry, chickpeas are the first listed but not used until the 7th step. Curry powder is the 8th ingredient but the 1st to be used. Although I do take all ingredients out ahead of time and read through the instructions before starting, I think this lack of organization adds extra time to the preparation and cooking. It makes it more confusing, especially for those who don't read ahead. The prep and cook time estimates at the top of the recipe, consequently, are not accurate. This can be a deterrent to those who are new to cooking and/or the Plant-Based way of eating, which is the opposite of what this cookbook intends.

I have an extensive cookbook collection and enjoy those that are well organized and easy to follow, with pictures that accurately reflect the dish that I am cooking. I would have hoped that at $25 for a soft-covered cookbook, this would have been edited more closely. I don't expect to be using this cookbook very often.

Preggie Provence

The refreshing taste of floral herbs takes on a new life in the Preggie Provençe mocktail. It's one of the featured drinks from Natalie Bovis' hit book, "Preggatinis," and it's one that any woman will love.

The combination of lavender and rosemary is simply divine, and they're fabulous in drinks. This recipe adds them to fresh lemonade, then tops it all off with our favorite lavender soda from Dry Sparkling. If you're seeking a mocktail that mom will rave about for days (or weeks), serve her this one.

What about beer drinkers?

If your guests are more of the beer-drinking type, there is a new wave of craft non-alcoholic beers that are a far cry from the bland and watery NA beers of the past. They’re full of flavor, available in every style from wheat to punchy IPA, and are brewed with enough care to tempt even the most devoted of full-strength beer drinkers. A few favorites:

    , out of Connecticut, offers a flagship Run Wild IPA, which features the bitterness from a blend of five hops and a malty body, and Upside Dawn golden ale, a floral and refreshing brew that is also gluten-removed, alongside seasonal brews like a citrusy double IPA and an extra-dark stout. in Missouri brews a citrusy, malty Heavenly Body Golden Wheat and a spicy, floral Hellraiser Dark Amber, which are available in both cans and kegs to fuel your party.
  • Also look for Nanny State from BrewDog in Ohio, a malty and hoppy “near beer” with a good dose of bitterness.

Whether you’re sober, pregnant, the designated driver, or just don’t feel like having booze, the rise in craft cocktails sans alcohol is something to celebrate. Check out the zero-proof cocktail recipes below—they're sure to satisfy your craving for a craft beverage, all guaranteed to be hangover-free.

Man o’ War

The Man o’ War cocktail is named for one of the greatest racehorses of all time, a horse that won 20 of the 21 races in which he competed. While Man o’ War (the horse) didn’t run in the Kentucky Derby, he won the other two legs of the Triple Crown—the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes—in 1920, forever solidifying his place in racing’s history books. He was also the sire of Triple Crown winner War Admiral and the granddaddy of Seabiscuit, another famed thoroughbred, so Man o’ War’s ties to the sport are immense. Naturally, someone made a drink in his honor.

It’s unclear who created the Man o’ War cocktail, but it’s believed to have been invented in the mid-20th century. It begins with a base of bourbon, perhaps in a nod to Kentucky and the most famous of all horse racing-related drinks, the Mint Julep. The bourbon is joined by orange liqueur (either orange curaçao or triple sec), plus sweet vermouth and lemon juice. Be sure the latter is freshly squeezed—fresh juice brightens the drink and balances the liqueur’s sweetness.

This recipe comes from Allen Katz, the co-founder of New York Distilling Company and a leading expert on spirits and cocktails. You can make one for yourself during a race or anytime you want a well-made bourbon drink. When you do, give a toast to Man o’ War while hoisting a glass of his eponymous cocktail.

16 Award-Winning Desserts Made With Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are a favorite around the Delish kitchen: We are more than happy to polish off a box (or three) when given the chance. But they're also excellent for making magic in the kitchen, which is why the organization kicked off its first-ever a national recipe contest. Check out the 16 finalists in the creative cookie bake-off. (If you actually have any cookies left, get baking!)

Taking home the grand prize in the competition, 15-year-old Girl Scout Stephanie Salmento crafted this deliciously gooey dessert by layering coconut Samoas and buttery shortbread Trefoils with caramels and semi-sweet chocolate.

"I'm not surprised that, out of all the recipes submitted, a Girl Scout's recipe was voted number one," says Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. "Girl Scouts are creative, innovative, and ready to lead. If you give them an opportunity, they'll take it."

The ultimate guide to rodeo fashion for chic and stylish Houstonians

Every year, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo brings together trail rides, action-packed rodeo competitions, musical entertainment, world-famous barbecue contents, the annual Rodeo Run, family-friendly fun, and shopping.

But what to wear? Houston philanthropist Hallie Vanderhider shares her rodeo must-haves: turquoise jewelry, a python skirt, and a fringed leather jacket. We've rounded up a list of local stores who can help Houstonians lasso up the very best RodeoHouston 2020 looks.

Rodeo boho chic
The rodeo officially kicks off Tuesday, March 3, and for local jewelry designer Christina Greene McAllen, getting dressed for the 21-day event is something she prepares for well in advance.

“I shop for my rodeo wardrobe year-round,” she tells CultureMap. “This year, I’m excited to wear the custom pair of Maida’s boots David, my husband, gifted to me on the night we got engaged.”

McAllen, whose motto is “jewelry first, clothing second,” is debuting her latest Primavera collection featuring vibrant 18-karat gold and cool-toned gemstones, which Houstonians can shop online, at her newly opened Greenway/Upper Kirby showroom located at 2449 South Blvd., Suite 100, and at her rodeo booth E6107 at NRG Center.

Beloved jewelry designer Jay Landa, who is moving out of his Rice Village location after 20 years, is known for his turquoise. A representative for the brand tells CultureMap that turquoise is included in every collection because Houstonians should be able to rock the bright pop of color no matter their style, whether it’s bold or dainty.

“This year, I’m creating a cool, modern vibe by mixing luxe and Indian pieces together,” Landa tells CultureMap. “I’m wearing it all — and that’s my vibe!”

Austin-based jewelry designer Kendra Scott’s rodeo collection features vintage and western-inspired styles, exclusively available on the Texas rodeo circuit, including Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.

For men wanting to jazz up their rodeo look, Tenenbaum Jewelers offers a variety of Deakin & Francis sterling silver cufflinks from longhorns to a pair of Stetson cowboy hats while Deakin & Francis revolver cufflinks can be found at Deutsch Fine Jewelry.

Fringe benefits
Capturing the essence of rodeo and western style, Pat Dahnke is known for her luxurious leather, suede, and fringe designs worn by rodeo queens and country artists. Stylish Houstonians can shop her collections at Pinto Ranch and Cotton Club Collection.

Specializing in western wear such as custom hats, western pearl snaps, and embroidered suits, Ben and Bonnie Kennimer’s newly opened Midtown storefront, Kennimer Co., sits above Big Kats Barber Shop on Main St.

Colorful embroidery, fringe, lace, and denim are popular rodeo trends that won’t ever fade. At Tootsies, Armanious suggests brands like Isabel Marant, See by Chloe, Ganni, Paris Texas, and Dior for this year’s rodeo style.

“Western wear is a trend with staying power,” he tells CultureMap. “Dress up your denim with great jewelry, the bigger the better, it is Texas after all.”

Customize a plaid button-down or jean jacket from My Sweet Cannella at The Hive, located in River Oaks Shopping Center, and accessorize with a handbag from Hide and Chic. Shop fringed shawls and snakeskin print tops from Hedwig Villiage’s Pretty Please Boutique.

Finishing touches
Dress up your custom hat from The Hat Store, a “Texas tradition since 1915” with an E.Taylor Designs hat wrap in pyrite, turquoise, labradorite, or moonstone.

Complete your look with a pair of boots from the newly opened Tecovas’ Houston store, located in Rice Village (2400 University Blvd., Suite 100). Shop handcrafted boots in the brands’ signature styles, enjoy complimentary boot shines, and leather debossing.

Since 1883, El Paso-based bootmaker, Lucchese, continues to offer high-end Western styles ranging from traditional to elaborate. From American alligator belly to calf hair and elephant leather, owner, master bootmaker, and native Houstonian Chris Liggett and his team at Tejas Boots ensure every detail is tailored to perfection.


Chicken Avocado Salad– The Fitness Focus: Replace the mayo with avocado in this chicken avocado salad! You won’t even miss the mayo in the salad, as this will be packed with delicious flavor!

Avocado Egg Salad– Lead Happiness: Protein packed, and full of delicious flavors! The pairing of avocado and eggs are really delicious on top of toast!

Chicken Salad Sandwich– Team Beachbody: This recipe does use mayo and yogurt for the sauce. Make some toast and pile on your chicken salad, for a delicious meal!

Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese – Beach Body on Demand: This grilled cheese is an adult version for sure. Jam packed with flavors to please those taste buds. Roasted red peppers and crisp arugula, paired with the gouda cheese!

Fully Loaded Autumn Sandwich– The Foodie and The Fix: This sandwich has cranberries, turkey, watercress, a pumpkin goat spread, and more. It screams all things autumn, and is absolutely marvelous.

Turkey Bacon Avocado Club- Fit Life Bound: This is an open face sandwich piled with turkey, bacon, avocado, and tasty Eziekel bread! Quick to whip up!

BLT Sandwich – Lisahov’s Health and Fitness: Nothing can beat a classic BLT, but with a few changes you can make a delicious BLT that is 21 Day Fix approved!

Creamy Egg Salad– Pureatz: This egg salad is high in protein and perfect to toss on some bread or even a wrap. You can make this up really quick, and have on hand for meals during the week!

Wraps and Pita

Turkey Club Wrap– Foodie Made Simple: Create a delicious turkey club wrap for lunch or dinner! These are great to make the morning of, and eat while you are on the go!

Buffalo Chicken Pocket– Crystal P Fitness and Food: Looking for something with a little kick? Try this delicious buffalo chicken pocket. They even include a recipe for a sauce, that looks super tasty!

Clean Turkey Gyro– Fit Fun Tina: Nothing beats a gyro in my book! Create this tasty gyro, and have that creamy sauce to pile on top! Use ground turkey for the meat for a tasty treat.

Deli Sandwich Chicken Wrap – Fit Simple: Nothing beats a classic deli sandwich! Use a whole wheat wrap, and add some tasty chicken and crisp lettuce for a tasty wrap!

Chicken Parmesan Wrap– Jess Dukes: This taste similar to a pizza pocket, so you know it has to be good! These make for a great dinner, that you can even pre-make earlier and then just heat up!

Waldorf Chicken Salad Pita – The Foodie and The Fix: Bite into this delicious pita, stuffed with chicken, tasty sauce, crisp apples, and grapes, and more!

Chicken and Spinach Wrap– Beach Body on Demand: This is a great meal to pack for lunches on the go. Whip it up in minutes and it stores well throughout the day!

Learn more about the fix in this helpful video

Finding time to get your workouts in can often be more a chore than actually doing them. Between work, quality kid time, quality kid shuttling time, home responsibilities and oh, making time for your significant other and friends, working out can feel overwhelming.

Even if you’re eating right and following the 21 day fix guidelines, the health benefits of exercise cannot be ignored. In fact, you may be asking yourself, does the 21 day Fix even work??

The straight up fact is that regular exercise and having a 21 day fix workout in place will extend your life and vitality.

21 Day Fix Workout

Now that you are eating right, you have to get your body moving!

You can no longer avoid exercise. You must commit to it. However, “exercise” doesn’t have to mean spending hours in a smelly gym or forcing yourself to do something you hate. You can fit it in throughout your entire day.

As you get stronger and hooked, you’ll find that building your day around physical activity, rather than physical activity around your day is easier than you imagined. Whether you’re doing the 21-Day Fix workout routine or not, all of us could focus more on incorporating activity into our life. Below 25 ways you can make exercise a priority, every day.

New to 21 day Fix? Make sure you are starting off on the right foot——-> Head here to check out the 21 day Fix Plan now!

21 Day Fix Workout

  1. Do squats while you brush teeth – There are lots of different squat options, but a good place to start is with your feet hip width apart. Squat down sticking your booty back, so your knees and hips bend. Look down and be sure you can see your toes. Stand up. Repeat. Killer legs, coming your way.
  2. Use those commercial breaks – Take advantage of a commercial break (or between Netflix binge episodes) with some quick exercises. Do crunches, push ups, run in place, just move!
  3. Work that laundry – Laundry can be rather physically challenging, especially if you stand up while folding. You’ll be bending and reaching, and you can even squeeze in some walking or running in place between items. Carry small stacks to each drawer or room to get even more activity in, rather than hauling big laundry baskets all at once.
  4. Kid pickup/drop off – Let’s face it sitting in the line in your car at school is both bad for the environment and your waistline. Walk, bike or skip to pick up your little’s from school and drop them off in the morning. You’ll love the pressure-free time to share about their day, and you’ll be teaching healthy habits as well.
  5. Park further away – You’ve heard this one before, but it is a terrific way to get more activity in your day. See those cars circling and circling for a spot by the door? Park further away and you’ll still be in before them.
  6. Circuit training – Circuit training doesn’t have to involve fancy gym memberships or equipment. Essentially your circuit can be whatever you want it to be.
  7. Burpees – It’s probably safe to say that few people love doing burpees. However, regularly committing to sets of burpees each day can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength, even if you’re already in pretty decent shape. Not convinced? Check this out.
  8. Play with the kids – They’re dying for you to get into the game anyway – kick a ball, climb the playground or hop on your bike. You’ll make memories the kids won’t forget, and you’ll be having too much fun to notice you’re exercising.
  9. Exercise while the kids are playing –Rather than thinking of supervising the kids outside as a chore, lace up and get walking! Circle the block or even your house.
  10. Go shopping – While I love grocery pickup as much as the next person, combing the aisles and checking off your list is an unexpected and way to get in more activity. You’ll rack up steps and pushing a heavy cart adds resistance.
  11. Ask for paper grocery bags or bring reusable ones – Ever notice that clerks put two or three things in each plastic bag, but they load up your reusable or paper bags? Now consider how buff your arms will look after carrying all those heavy bags into the house. Protect the environment and tone those arms.
  12. Do an exercise video – Find one you love and pop it in on rainy days or when you just can’t squeeze in exercise another time.
  13. Ride your bike – With a little planning and preparation, you can bike just about anywhere in a limited area. Plus, who could complain about those sleek cyclist legs?
  14. Clean your house – Vacuum, move the furniture, dust, wash the floor by hand. Your entire family will thank you, and you’ll be feeling incredibly proud of yourself.
  15. Dance party – Crank up the tunes and keep your intensity up for the entire song.
  16. Work in the yard – Mow, rake, lay mulch, plant a tree. Cultivate your outdoor space and your body.
  17. Wash your windows – How many of us do this each year? However, washing windows indoors and out involves tons of arm work and climbing ladders, changing your body and your home.
  18. Get a fitness tracker – If you struggle with motivation or even just awareness of how busy or active you are, a fitness tracker can help you focus and commit to your physical activity.
  19. Find a workout buddy – Working out with a friend can shake up a solo routine or motivate you to get started. It’s also lots of good fun.
  20. Walk the dog – Fido doesn’t mind if you squeeze some extra laps in, go for it.
  21. Take the stairs – Whenever you can, wherever you are. Better yet, RUN up those stairs.
  22. Schedule it – Put it on your calendar – it is a very special date just for yourself.
  23. Take a class – While some people hate fitness classes, others crave the social motivation. Even if you aren’t a class person, trying out a new exercise or program can reinvigorate your workout.
  24. Experiment with something new – Love running? Try kickboxing. Serious yogi? Try Zumba. Shake it up and keep things interesting.
  25. Jump rope – Think toned legs and rocking cardiovascular, in mere minutes.

Now that you have exercise under control, do not forget to eat right! Try out:

Watch the video: Καλημέρααα,Καλημέρααα!!Ενέργειες της ημέρας για όλα τα ζωδιακια!!!Ν 1


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